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Auto Body Repairs in Cedar Falls, IA

It is easy to overlook the possibility of an automotive accident or mishap. A car always seems reliable until it is not, which can hit some people like a ton of bricks when they have to go to work. Caring about cars and about drivers is part of what makes a good auto repair shop. This fact is one reason why Ericson Automotive has performed auto body repairs in Cedar Falls, IA, for more than 50 years.
Expect Great Services
Ericson Automotive is one of the premier auto care locations in the region. Our experienced auto care specialists help with everything, from simple tune-ups to entire overhauls. We specialize in foreign and domestic vehicles and use our expert-level diagnostic skills to figure out what's going on with a car.

Address Auto Body Issues
When the auto body's structure is in optimal condition, it supports the vehicle's structure. Damage, even small damage, makes the body susceptible to more damage. For example, dents and other little problems can disrupt a car's built-in aerodynamics, which translates to reduced fuel efficiency and slower speeds.
Over time, dents may also begin to rust and corrode, leading to a significant drop in your car’s resale value. If the rust is allowed to spread, it could even compromise the inner components of your vehicle.
Enjoy Ericson Automotive’s Stand-Out Service
One thing that makes the people at Ericson Automotive trustworthy to the neighboring communities is our commitment to excellence. We care about improving a client's car, giving reasonably priced quotes, and never attempting to sell more than what is needed.

Be sure to consider giving Ericson Automotive a call or a visit for any auto body repairs or other car repair needs. You can reach us at 319-277-1070. Our repair shop in Cedar Falls, IA, is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.